Discover a New Level

                     of Partnership

Canine conditioning and sports training in Victoria, British Columbia.

Certified Canine Fitness Trainer

Wizard of Paws

Extensive knowledge in building a tailored fitness plan for your dog and your goals.

Professional Canine Trainer - Accredited

Pet Professional Guild

Knowledge of canine communication, learning theory and positive reinforcement strategies.

Founder & Captain

Victoria Disc Dog Club

Supporting the growth of Disc in the Victoria area!

Group Classes

Canine Conditioning

Private Coaching

Hike & Train

Board & Train

Training should be fun for you and your dog!

Individualized Training Plans

Discover consent based engagement, clear communication and rewards tailored for your dog to increase the fun in your training while improving results.

Reward Based Learning

Studies show that positive learning leads to improved confidence and problem solving skills in your dog.  Not to mention building a relationship based on trust!

Reactive Dog Friendly

Small class sizes allow for ample one on one coaching, often with only one dog running at a time.  This makes most of our classes reactive dog friendly!

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