Discover a New Level

                     of Partnership

Canine conditioning and sports training in Victoria, British Columbia.

Certified Professional

Certified Training Partner (Karen Pryor Academy)

Positive Learning

Force-free, reward based coaching for a fun and optimal learning experience.

Certified Judge

Expert knowledge of UpDog disc games and strategies to enhance your performance.

Disc Classes

Disc is much more than just throwing a Frisbee!  Learn how to fluidly move with your dog around the field, perform fun tricks and yes, catch a disc too.  

Canine Conditioning

Improve your dog’s performance and help prevent injuries.  Canine conditioning focuses on building strength, developing coordination and body awareness, and learning thoughtful movement.

Rally-O Classes

Experience a fun, relaxed version of obedience where teams heel through a course performing tricks at each new station.  A great low impact sport for dogs of all ages, focus on completing a course with joy and flare!

Training should be fun for you and your dog!

Individualized Training Plans

Discover consent based engagement, clear communication and rewards tailored for your dog to increase the fun in your training while improving results.

Reward Based Learning

Studies show that positive learning leads to improved confidence and problem solving skills in your dog.  Not to mention building a relationship based on trust!

Reactive Dog Friendly

Small class sizes allow for ample one on one coaching, often with only one dog running at a time.  This makes most of our classes reactive dog friendly!

Discover a New Level of Partnership