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Behaviour Training

Ethical & kind behaviour modification.

I take a comprehensive approach to behaviour training.  It is important to consider your dogs genetics, their individual personality and your goals when developing a training plan.

I offer one on one training sessions for behaviour modification.  I do not offer group classes for reactive behaviours as I strongly believe this is not setting up our already nervous dogs for success.

Single session and package options are available.

Day Training

Let me do the work.  

Don’t have time to train or lack the confidence to take your reactive dog into public spaces?

Day training is where I take your dog out for their training session and work on pre-discussed skills and behaviour challenges.  Day training is an hour in length and comes with a follow up email/video of what we did.

An intial consultation is required prior to starting day training.

Board and Train

Ethical and compassionate training.

Need help kick starting your dog’s training? Or maybe you just need a break.

I am fully transparent on the training that occurs in my home. Your dog will not spend hours in a crate and I won’t use aversive tools. I provide plenty of videos of what goes on with your pup in my home so you can feel assured your dog is being treated fairly.

Your dog will enjoy hikes, snuggle time if they like it, play time my dogs if they enjoy that and plenty of training to work towards your goals.

I am proud to offer one of the few fear free board and train programs in the Victoria area.

Sport Training

Fun & Flexible Learning

Sport training is a wonderful way to build your relationship with your dog and provide them with a productive outlet for their energy.

I offer private training for nosework, disc and rally-obedience.  

Have a group of people you want to take sport training with?  Fantastic!  Let’s all get together and have some fun.  

Looking for Group Classes?

I offer group classes in scentwork, rally obedience and disc.

Unlike most group classes, my curriculums are flexible and tailored to the teams in the class.

Each week comes with a detailed followed up email including videos of the exercises to help you with your homework.

Want to learn more?

Heeling and Engagement

Training should be fun for you and your dog!

Individualized Behaviour Modification Plans

Discover consent based engagement, clear communication and rewards tailored to your dog to increase the fun in your training while improving results.

Reward Based Learning

Studies show that positive learning leads to improved confidence and problem solving skills in your dog.  Not to mention a relationship built on trust!

Want long term success in behaviour modification?  Trust the science and train fear free. 

Fear Free Learning

For both you AND your dog.  I provide a safe space for you both to learn and develop trust in one another.

This is a judgement free zone.  We all do the best we can with the knowledge that we have.  I used to use aversive methods until I learned there was a better way.   I respect people looking for a kinder solution and am happy to help you with your transition to fear free training.

The fallout from pain and punishment based learning can be severe.  Fear free sometimes takes longer, but it is worth the long term results and improved welfare of your beloved dog.

Reactive Dog Friendly Classes

I am passionate about giving reactive dogs a safe and productive outlet for their energy.  Paired with a behaviour modification plan, this goes a long way to helping them function in our charotic world.

Please contact me to discover which of my classes would best suit your reactive pup.


Place your trust in experience AND education.

Dogs and their emotions are complicated. Learning theory is complicated.

A successful and ethical behaviour consultant is one with both experience AND continued education.  You wouldn’t want an uneducated dentist working on your teeth, would you?

Dog training is an unregulated industry.  This makes it challenging to find a trainer that is qualified.  Ask questions.  Lots of questions.  Question the use of pain to train your dog.  Science and many qualified trainers have proven it is possible to find solutions for behaviour challenges without the use of aversive tools and fear.

My promise is to continue learning every year from qualified trainers that value fear free training methods.  My goal is to build a strong parternship between you and your dog based on trust, using the most up to date methods. This partnership forms the foundation on which all skills are built to reach your goals.


What People are Saying


“Your help with training has been life changing for Greg and our family. Just today he made many good choices around children and other people.”


“We are working with Erin and our reactive Mini Aussie Shepherd Gracie. Erin is teaching us the specific skills needed to manage our dog in various situations using non fear based positive reinforcement training.

Erin provides great session notes, is very responsive on any concerns we have and is great in giving us feedback.

We really feel we have made great progress since working one on one with Erin and our pup has more confidence in the environment and loves her training sessions and the treats.

We would highly recommend Erin Lucier and Wagtails Dog Training.”


“Erin is a fantastic trainer and I could not recommend her more! My dog and I first took her disc classes, which have brought us so much joy and enrichment. Now, we are doing behavior training to work on reactivity with positive results. Erin is very knowledgeable and explains things clearly. Her kindness and enthusiasm make her so fun to work with for people and dogs alike. Thank you Erin!”

Not Sure Where to Start?

A discovery phone call is the best way for us to get to know each other.  At the end of our chat I will recommend a best path forward for you and your pup.  Have questions?  You will have plenty of time to ask them!