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Behaviour Training

Ethical & kind behaviour modification.

I take a comprehensive approach to behaviour training.  It is important to consider your dogs genetics, their individual personality and your goals when developing a training plan.

I offer one on one training sessions for behaviour modification.  I do not offer group classes for reactive behaviours as I strongly believe this is not setting up our already nervous dogs for success.

Single session and package options are available.

Comprehensive Sport Package

Just entering the sport world and want to start off on the right path?  Seasoned competitor wanting to take your game to the next level?

This package is geared towards those that want to explore the world of disc and/or rally obedience through a comprehensive approach.  We focus on safety, skill and injury prevention.

What is included?

    • individualized conditioning plan for your dog (10 x 30 minute private fitness sessions)
    • 10 x 30 minute private sessions to focus on your sport of choice (disc, rally or both!)
    • priority email and phone support
    • unlimited video support

Sport Training

Private sessions are available for disc dog, rally obedience or scent work.

Have a group of friends you want to train with?  Semi privates or small group classes are also an option!


Training should be fun for you and your dog!

Individualized Training Plans

Discover consent based engagement, clear communication and rewards tailored to your dog to increase the fun in your training while improving results.

Reward Based Learning

Studies show that positive learning leads to improved confidence and problem solving skills in your dog.  Not to mention building a relationship based on trust!

Reactive Dog Friendly

I am passionate about giving reactive dogs a safe and productive outlet.  Paired with a behaviour modification plan, this goes a long way to helping them function in our chaotic world.  Please contact me to discover which of my classes would best suit your reactive pup.

Certified Trick Dog Instructor