Rally-O Classes

        Obedience With a Joyful Flare

What is Rally-O?

Think obedience is boring?  Think again!

Rally obedience is a fun sport where dog and handler navigate a course of 15-20 signs, each of which has an obedience skill or a trick to complete.  It is a great low impact sport for puppies, older dogs or dogs with a history of joint issues.

Rally allows you to talk to your dog and has less strict rules around heeling and execution of the obedience tricks.  This allows you to add a little bit of your own style to your performance.

I focus on developing strong foundations in engagement, enthusiasm and body awareness.

Find the Class that Fits for You!

PuppySTARS – Tricked into Rally-0

For puppies under 8 months of age
  • Focus, fun, engagement and more FUN!
  • Learn clear communication skills needed for rally-obedience and every day life
  • Learn fun tricks to build your puppy’s confidence and teach them obedience at the same time!
  • Arousal control – learn how to control your dogs excitement level including how to settle them when needed

Rally Foundations

Three Part Series
  • These indoor classes focus on the fundamentals of engagement.  How do we get it, what do we do when we don’t have it and how do we reduce the reinforcement needed to keep it.
  • Learn how to develop a fluent, animated heel.
  • Postiion changes – what are the best ones for rally-obedience and how do we teach them?
  • Access to WagTails Rally Facebook support group with unlimited video feedback
    Rally Foundations

    Novice Rally

    Two Part Series
    • You have the foundations, now it is time to learn the signs!
    • Learn startegies to maintain enthusiastic engagement throughout a course.
    • What to do when things go wrong.
    • Access to WagTails Rally Facebook support group for unlimited video feedback