Who is this person?

Certified Canine Fitness Trainer

Wizard of Paws

Behaviour challenges often stem from underlying health issues.  My education has developed my eye for identifying discomfort in your dog.  If I anticipate it is a contributing factor to your dogs behaviour, I will refer you to your vet right away. 

Professional Canine Behaviour Consultant - Accredited

Pet Professional Guild

Skilled in developing comprehensive plans to address behaviour challenges.  The Pet Professional Guild supports fear free training only.

Founder & Captain

Victoria Disc Dog Club

Supporting the growth of Disc in the Victoria area!  This is a reactive dog friendly sport and provides a much needed outlet for these dogs.

Who Am !?

A quirky, passionate dog training geek.  I live, breathe and sleep dogs.


My name is Erin Lucier and I reside in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia with my three wonderful dogs.

My true passion is helping dogs and their people understand one another.  I have a keen interest in behaviour and building resilent dogs that are able to function in our chaotic world.  Building partnerships that address the needs of both ends of the leash brings me great joy!

In my spare time, I train and play with my own pups.  I actively compete regionally and nationally with my dogs in Disc competitions.

When not training, you will find me in the forest with my dogs.  Walking amongst the trees, watching them run, sniff and just be dogs in nature brings me great happiness.


Education & Credentials

Continued education is a constant in my life.  I enroll in courses offered by top positive reinforcement professionals to bring current, science based training to you and your dog.

• Pet Professional Guild – Professional Canine Behaviour Consultant – Accredited (PCBC-A)

• Wizard of Paws – Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer (CPCFT)

• Karen Pryor Academy – Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP)

• Aggression in Dogs Masterclass, completed in 2023

• Research Bites, member since October 2022 (monthly webinars)

• Canine Coaching Diploma – Canine Principles

• Victoria Disc Dog Club – Founder and Captain

• Something to Wag About – Podcast Co-Host

• Bachelor of Science – Zoology

• Certified Trick Dog Instructor – DMWYD


My passion for dogs first started in high school when I took a job as a Kennel Attendant for a wonderful Vet.  A couple years later I completed a co-op term as a technician assistant at the same vet office.

In 2012 I moved to Victoria and quickly found a job as a nightime care attendant for a dog daycare.

In 2019 I began volunteering with Smart Dog Training.  I quickly became an Apprentice Trainer and after receiving my dog trainer certification, moved into a Lead Instructor position.  I continued to work as a class instructor and private trainer, including behaviour modification clients, for nearly five wonderful years.

At the end of 2023, I made the decision to venture fully out onto my own to focus on behaviour training.

Why Fear Free?

It is my mission to promote and educate pet guardians on the importance of fear free and humane training methods.

Why is fear free training so important?

  • improves the welfare of your dog
  • improves your relationship
  • proven to increase long term results as it addresses the root cause of behaviour issues versus just “fixing” the symptomatic unwanted behaviours

When working with me, we will not use ecollars, prong collars, choke chains or other inhumane aversive tools. There is no situation that requires the use of these tools, only a lack of knowledge. As part of my mission to promote fear free, I continue to learn every year from leading educated fear free experts so I can help more dogs and their guardians.

Teaching Assistants

Thorin – Border Collie x Australian Shepherd

Thorin was born in October 2022 and is a perfect mix of spunkey and sweet.  He has a very solid personality and is one of the smartest boys I have owned!

He gets along very well in my pack and has wondeful dog communication skills.  He is a great assitanct when it comes to helping other dogs build confidence.

His favourite things are disc (this boy was born to chase plastic), playing with his sister and licking faces.

Vilya – Border Collie

Vilya was born in May 2019 and has been a wonderful addition to the family!  She is a high drive adrenaline junkie and has taught me so much about life with a reactive dog.  I have enjoyed helping her build confidence in the world so she can continue to enjoy doing the things she loves most (like catching discs!).

She is a force on the disc field and is a multi top 10 world record holder (Updog Games – Frizgility, Funkey & 4 Way Play).

We also so nosework together.  It has been wonderful for building her confidence and she is amazingly good at it!  We will start testing our skills in competition in 2024.

Pippin – Mini Australian Shepherd

Born in December 2016, I lovingly refer to Pippin as my little hobbit.  He loves people and will greet you with the biggest grin on his face.

Pippin was unfortunatley in a car accident in 2023 that left him paralyzed in the hind end.  He has proven just how much of a resilient guy he is and the zest for life he has.  He runs around in his cart like nothing has changed and still enjoys playing disc, hiking and swimming.

Pippin’s favourite things are licking people and sniffing everything he can get his little nose on.  He is a total lovebug.