About WagTails

Certified Training Partner

Karen Pryor Academy

Extensive knowledge in the use of reward based postive methods to train relaible behaviours.

Certified Canine Coach

Canine Principles

Knowledge of canine communication, learning theory and positive reinforcement strategies.

Founder & Captain

Victoria Disc Dog Club

Supporting the growth of Disc in the Victoria area!

Who Am I?

My name is Erin Lucier and I reside in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia with my two wonderful dogs.

My true passion is disc and there is nothing I enjoy more than partying on the field with my dogs.  Disc offers joy, creativity and connection that is hard to define.  Sharing this passion with others is a true delight.

I have a keen interest in canine structure and how it relates to movement and performance.   In addition I am passionate about canine fitness and injury prevention.

I actively compete with my dogs in Disc and Rally Obedience and have started to train in Agility as well.

When not training, you will find me in the forest with my dogs.  Walking amongst the trees, watching them run, sniff and just be dogs in nature brings me great happiness.


Continued education is a constant in my life.  I enroll in courses offered by top positive reinforcement professionals to bring current, science based training to you and your dog.

• Karen Pryor Academy – Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP)

• Canine Coaching Diploma – Canine Principles

• Completion of multiple Fenzi Dog Sports Academy classes with instructors including Hannah Brannigan, Julie Flanery, Sara Brueske and Debbie Torraca

• Bachelor of Science – Zoology

• Certified Trick Dog Instructor – DMWYD



My passion for dogs first started in high school when I took a job as a Kennel Attendant for a wonderful Vet.  A couple years later I completed a co-op term as a technician assistant at the same vet office.  In 2012 I moved to Victoria and quickly found a job as a nightime care attendant for a dog daycare.  In 2019 I began volunteering with Smart Dog Training.  I quickly became an Apprentice Trainer and after receiving my dog trainer certification, moved into a Lead Instructor position.  Today, I continue to work as a contractor for Smart Dog and enjoy collaborating with other talented reward based professional trainers.

Training Philosophy

Both humans and dogs deserve a safe space to learn and develop their confidence.  I use only reward based methods in all my classes to help you and your dog develop a relationship built on trust and joy.

Teaching Assistants

Vilya (O'My! Beyond the Sea) - Border Collie

Vilya was born in May 2019 and has been a fun addition to the family!  She is a high drive adrenaline junkie and so we are working on thoughtful movements and learning that everything doesn’t have to happen at warp speed!

She is a force on the disc field and earned her disc bronze title at only 1.5 years of age.  She has also started learning foundations in nosework, rally and agility.

Pippin - Australian Shepherd

Born in December 2016, I lovingly refer to Pippin as my little hobbit.  He loves people and will greet you with endless butt wiggles.  His disc career was ended early due to joint problems, but that doesn’t stop us from playing in nosework and rally.

Pippin’s favourite things are licking people and sniffing everything he can get his little nose on.  He is a total lovebug.