Canine Conditioning

Ready, set, get your dog fit!

What is Canine Conditioning and Why do we Need it?


Unequal muscle development can occur for many reasons and is more common than you think.  This can lead to compensations and strain put on other parts of the body.  With strength training, we focus on injury prevention and improved performance through equal muscle development that is tailored for your dogs structure and needs.


If we want our dogs to keep up with our training goals (and life!) we need to keep their heart and lungs in shape.


A key component to conditioning!  Stength and endurance are optimized if a dog has the ability to use its movement with control and percision.

Start your Dogs Journey to Improved Performance

~ Online & In Person Training Available ~

Initial Consultation

In this 60 minute session we will discuss your dogs history, develop goals and build an individualized fitness routine you can start right away.

What you get:

  • learn handler mechanics for proper form and how to identify signs of fatigue
  • detailed follow up notes with a minimum of two step by step training sessions
  • two follow up video submissions (maximum of two minutes) for feedback

Conditioning Package

Ask about my package options!  

These come with unlimited video support allows me to adjust your mechanics to ensure proper form of your dog.  This is crucial for preventing injuries and optimizing results.

What you get:

  • specified number of follow up sessions at a discounted rate
  • unlimited video support (length dependent on package option)
  • detailed follow up notes after each training session