Canine Conditioning

Ready, set, get your dog fit!

Small Class Size

Maximum of 4 teams.


Unlimited Video Feedback

Video submissions during length of class.  Let me help with your homework!

What is Canine Conditioning and Why do we Need it?


Unequal muscle development can occur for many reasons and is more common than you think.  This can lead to compensations and strain put on other parts of the body.  With strength training, we focus on injury prevention and improved performance through equal muscle development that is tailored for your dogs structure and needs.


If we want our dogs to keep up with our training goals (and life!) we need to keep their heart and lungs in shape.


A key component to conditioning!  Stength and endurance are optimized if a dog has the ability to use its movement with control and percision.

Start your Dogs Journey to Improved Performance

Conditioning - Foundations

6 weeks – $260

This class focuses heavily on the human half of the equation.  Great form in your dog comes through handler mechanics!

Learn how to teach your dog to be still, foot target and start on some of the other foundational work of fitness training.

Conditioning - Level 1 Strength

6 weeks – $260

This class will help develop those square sits, downs and stands as well as controlled movement through these positions.

Teams must have completed fitness foundations or demonstrate proficiency in these mechanics to participate.  Contact me for details.

Conditioning - Level 2 Coordination

6 weeks – $260

This class focuses on teaching your dog how to use their body efficiently.  With percision and control comes tighter turns, safer landings and so much more!

Teams must have completed Conditioning Level 1 or demonstrate proficiency in these mechanics to participate.  Contact me for details.