WagTails COVID-19 Safety Plan and Class Protocols

Assessing the risks at our classes

● Tools/ equipment that people share: leashes, treats, toys, chairs.

● Surfaces that people touch often: door handles, washrooms


Protocols to reduce risks

● Reviewed protocols for Sports and recreation, and COVID-19 safety plan checklist on WorkSafeBC website.

● Reviewed VIASPORT Return to Sport Guidelines.

● Reviewed the Government of Canada Risk mitigation tool for gatherings and events operating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

● Consulted orders and included guidance issued by the provincial health officer.

Protection Measures

● We select lesson and event locations that allow people to space out sufficiently, especially for group classes.

● Entry limits will be controlled so that fewer than 10 people are in a room during any class.

● Cleaning protocols have been established for class instructors.

● This document will be available on the WagTails website.

● Masks are required for all indoor lessons, and participants are to bring their own mask.

● We require a phone number and email address for each entry to make contact tracing easier.

● Masks are not a replacement for distancing and barriers. 2m distance is the priority

● Prop open doors for class start/end to reduce the need to touch door handles, and increase ventilation. Doors must be closed for safety during lessons.

● For activities involving direct contact, ensure that hand hygiene is practiced using an alcohol-based hand rub or handwashing before and after contact.

● Group Classes only: Set up Sanitation Station(s) at high contact areas, for example: building entrance and exit.

● New registrants must respond that they have read, understand and will abide by the COVID-19 plan.

● If participants are not following the COVID-19 rules, policies and guidelines, we are OBLIGATED to excuse them from the lesson without financial compensation.

● If a participant appears unwell but will not leave voluntarily, we are OBLIGATED to excuse them from the trial without financial compensation.


Illness Policy

● Adapted from VIASPORT BC. In this policy, “Participant” includes a judge, club member, volunteer, competitor, or anyone else attending the event location.

● Inform WagTails owner Erin Lucier if you feel any symptoms of COVID-19:

– The most common symptoms of COVID-19 include: fever; chills; cough or worsening of chronic cough; shortness of breath; sore throat; runny nose; loss of sense of smell or taste; headache; fatigue; diarrhea; loss of appetite; nausea and vomiting; muscle aches.

– While less common, symptoms can also include: stuffy nose; conjunctivitis (pink eye); dizziness, confusion; abdominal pain; skin rashes or discoloration of fingers or toes.



● A Participant must ensure that they are not feeling any of the COVID 19 symptoms before attending the class or event location.

● If Participants are unsure please use the self-assessment tool:

https://bc.thrive.health/covid19/en or the COVID-19 BC Support App self-assessment tool.

If a Participant:

● Is feeling sick with COVID-19 symptoms

● Tests positive for COVID-19

● Has been tested for COVID-19 and is awaiting results

● Has come into contact with someone confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19

They should remain at home and are not permitted to attend lessons or events.

● They must advise their instructor.

● If they feel sick and/or are showing symptoms while at the class or event location, they should be sent home immediately and directed to contact 8-1-1 or a doctor for further guidance.

● Participants who may have come into close contact with the Participant will be asked to self isolate.

● If a Participant has reported symptoms during the class or event, the area will be closed off and disinfected immediately.


Outbreak Plan

● Early detection of symptoms will facilitate the immediate implementation of effective control measures.

● In addition, the early detection and immediate implementation of enhanced cleaning measures are two of the most important factors in limiting the size and length of an outbreak. An “outbreak” is two or more cases; a “case” is a single case of COVID-19.

● If members (including volunteers) or a participant reports they are suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 and have been at the class location, implement enhanced cleaning measures to reduce risk of transmission. Notify the facility operator right away.

● Advise individuals to:

– use the COVID-19 self-assessment tool at BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool to help determine if further assessment or testing for COVID-19 is needed.

– contact 8-1-1 for health advice is required and 9-1-1 if it is an emergency.

● In the event of a suspected case or outbreak of influenza-like-illness, immediately report and discuss the suspected outbreak with the Medical Health Officer (or delegate) at your local health authority.

● If your organization is contacted by a medical health officer in the course of contact tracing, cooperate with local health authorities.

List of website URLs reviewed under Protocols to reduce risk:

● WorkSafe BC: https://www.worksafebc.com/en/resources/health-safety/checklist/covid-19-safetyplan?lang=en

● WorkSafe BC: https://www.worksafebc.com/en/about-us/covid-19-updates/covid-19-returningsafe-operation/sports-recreation

● VIASPORT: https://www.viasport.ca/sites/default/files/ReturntoSportGuidelines.pdf

● American Kennel Club: https://s3.amazonaws.com/cdn-origin-etr.akc.org/wpcontent/uploads/2020/05/12165904/Obedience-and-Rally-Suggested-Best-Practices.pdf

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