Disc Classes

                             Get ready to party with your dog!

So What is Disc?

Long distance throws?  Fancy vaults and tricks?

There is a lot more to the game than these things!  You do not have to have a power throw or flashy moves to do well in the sport.  Many of the games involve strategy and effective team movement.  There are even disc games that incorporate agility obstacles into the mix!

I am the founder of the Victoria Disc Dog Club and am also a certified UpDog judge and host.  There will be many fun events coming to the Victoria area as it is my goal to grow the sport of disc here.  I invite you and your dog to be a part of the fun!

Toss & Fetch

The bread and butter of disc.  Gain points for straight throws down the field.  The further you throw, the more points you get!

Clubs play together and collect points as a team to compete against other clubs world wide.  Don’t let this scare you, as a team you can only add to our score, not subtract.  And it is all about fun anyway!

Toss & Fetch Home Page


An individual sport with a ton of variety!  There are 10 different games to play, some with only discs and some with agility equipment mixed in!

All the updog games were developed with the intent to build skills in your dog required for Freestyle.  These days it is just a whole lot of fun!

UpDog Challenge Home Page


Like tricks?  Like disc?  This puts them both together, with music too!  Get creative and show off your dogs strengths.

There are a number of organizations that offer Freestyle.  In Canada, UpDog is it!  Most UpDog competitions will offer this fun game, even if you don’t feel ready to play it – it is a fun one to watch.

Find the Class that Fits for You!

Disc – All Levels

4 week & 6 week options
  • This outdoor class is suitable for all teams and is repeatable.  Dogs run one at a time and we work where ever your team is at!
  • Learn proper throwing technique for accuracy and safety
  • Access to WagTails Disc Facebook support group with unlimited video feedback

Indoor class runs during winter months.  Ideal for:

  • dogs brand new to disc
  • teams struggling with dropping the disc
  • teams wanting a faster or more reliable retrieve
Disc Foundations

Freestyle Tricks

6 Weeks
  • Teach your dog tricks that highlight their skills (examples – scoot, vault, dog catch, leg weaves, flips, etc)
  • Learn how to put tricks together to develop flowing sequences
  • Access to WagTails Disc Facebook support group for unlimited video feedback

Work Shops

2-4 hours – A great way to learn disc skills without the time commitement of a class series
  • Foundations, Throwing, Updog Game Strategy and Freestyle options.
  • These run just like classes (one dog at a time) making them reactive dog friendly.
  • No experience required!