Nature Hike & Train

For Decompression & Behavioural Wellness

Not all dogs like to interact in a pack of unfamiliar dogs.  In fact, it is natural for most dogs to not want to!

Pick up and drop off included.


Decompression – An Important Factor in Behavioural Wellness

Dogs hike solo for 2-4 hours in areas where there is little people or dog traffic.  This gives them a chance to decompress from urban life and enjoy time simply being a dog.



During our hikes I spend time training your dogs recall, stationing (waiting on place until released) as well as general confidence building.


Freedom of Movement

An often over looked need for our dogs, I use a 30ft long line until both you and I are comfortable with letting your dog offleash.  This longer line allows your dog to exlore the trails at their pace and choose where they would like to go.

Single Hike Rate

(taxes included)

1 Hour- $105

2 Hours – $185

3 Hours – $260


4 Hike Package

1 Hour – $378

2 Hours – $665

3 Hours – $935