Private Training

Personalized plan to meet your goals.

~ Online & In Person Training Available ~

Comprehensive Sport Package

Just entering the sport world and want to start off on the right path?  Seasoned competitor wanting to take your game to the next level?

This package is geared towards those that want to explore the world of disc and/or rally obedience through a comprehensive approach.  We focus on safety, skill and injury prevention.

What is included?

    • individualized conditioning plan for your dog (10 x 30 minute private fitness sessions)
    • 10 x 30 minute private sessions to focus on your sport of choice (disc, rally or both!)
    • priority email and phone support
    • unlimited video support

Reactive Dog Sport Package

Owning a reactive dog can be challenging, especially when trying to find an appropriate and safe outlet for their energy.  Sports are a fantastic way to build confidence, grow your relationship and provide your dog with physical and/or mental enrichment.

This package is for owners of reactive dogs that want to explore sports for their dog or owners already in sports but struggling to reach their dogs full potential due to reactivity or arousal issues.

What is included?

    • 10 x 1 hour sessions to focus on your sport of choice (disc, rally obedience or scent work)
    • in our private sessions we will not only explore the technical mechanics of your chosen sport, we will work towards arousal control and modifiying reactive behaviours
    • priority email and phone support
    • unlimited video support
    • access to the Wagtails private reactive sport dog group (facebook)

Initial Consultation

A one hour private training session to discuss your goals, assess you and your dogs current skills and develop a training plan.

A detailed follow up email will be sent after our session together.  Basic email support is included for quick questions related to items we discussed in person.


Returning Clients

30 and 60 minute follow up sessions are available.

I also offer packages of 5 sessions.