Something to Wag About

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It can be hard to differentiate between normal versus abnormal puppy behaviour. This series will empower you with knowledge of common puppy behaviours, including things to watch for and when to ask for help.

Episode 2 - Barking

You may be lucky and have a puppy that doesn’t use their voice. However, most puppy owners will experience barking at some point. This episode discusses different types of barking, some of the reasons dogs bark and when you should ask for help.

Episode 3 - Stopping on Walks

Have a puppy that stops on walks and won’t move forward? This episode discusses why some puppies do this and when you should ask for help.

Episode 4 - Fooling Around on Walks

Biting leashes, hands, jumping on you or zooming around. These can be normal for a puppy but it is important we build good habits!  This episode gives tips on doing just that as well as signs your puppy needs some help. 

Episode 5 - Alone Time

Should you leave your puppy alone? This episode discussed what alone time looks like for a puppy and what are signs that your puppy is stressed.

Episode 6 - Jumping on People

Your puppy may love people but did you know that jumping up does not always indicate your puppy is comfortable? What should you do and when should you ask for help?

Episode 7 - Sleep

A VERY important topic. You will not want to miss this one!

Episode 8 - Resource Guarding

A big topic! This small bite briefly outlines what resource guarding is, tips to prevent escalation and when to get help.

If you want to know more about dog to human resource guarding, Christina and Erin have a full episode just on this!

Episode 9 - Tug Time

Spoiler! Playing tug with your puppy is never an abnormal behaviour! If your puppy loves toys, tug has many benefits.

This episode outlines some tips for tug and includes some of the wonderful benefits it has for your puppy.

Episode 10 - Social Behaviour

Our final Small Bites episode covers a huge and very important topic. What does normal social behaviour look like in puppies? What are some things to watch for and when should you get help? 

If you want to know more about socializing your puppy, Christina and Erin have a full episode just on this