UpDog Challenge

August 19th & 20th, 2023 – Victoria, BC

Wain Park, North Saanich


Entries will be limited based on number of runs and will be closed once full or on August 11th at 6pm PST, whichever is sooner.

Placements will be offered for 1st through 3rd place in each division.

Level 1 games will have three divisions.  L2 games will be one division.

Division weekend overalls will be awarded.

For more information on UpDog visit https://updogchallenge.com/

Beginner friendly!  There will be a player’s briefing before each game to give everyone the opportunity to learn the rules and ask questions.

Hosted by

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Saturday August 19

4 Way Play Pairs

Funkey (L1 & L2)


Far Out

4 Way Play (L1 & L2)

Sunday August 20

Throw n Go





Spaced Out

Teams are welcome to register for Level 1 and 2 games however they will only be eligible for placements in the highlest level played.  The lower level would be for UpDog points only.

Registration Below

Please submit one form per dog.


All questions may be directed to Erin at info@victoriadiscdog.club.





Your team (dog & handler) will be assigned to a division based on past UpDog scores.  Handler’s with multiple dogs can be assigned to different divisions.  


Jump Heights

Mini Division (under 13″) – Dog may jump 4″, 8″, 12″ or 16″

Midi Division (13″ – 17″) – Dog may jump 8″, 12″, 16″, or 20″

Maxi Division (over 17″) – Dog may jump 12″, 16″, 20″ or 24″


$18 Per Run