The Art of Adolescence


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Adolescence is a pivotal life stage for dogs and one that is often not talked about.

We have 8 weeks to dive into what is important for YOUR individual adolescent. While general topics are similar, each dog is unique and it is important to cater exercises for their unique personalities.

Some house keeping:

Video Submissions:

  • please keep each video to 2 minutes or less
  • it is best not to edit your videos much, other than duration – show me the challenges!
  • you can submit them on the facebook group (either on the group page or you can private message them to me)
  • if you are not using facebook, please send me an email and I will give you an alternative option
  • 4 minutes of video submissions EACH day!

I encourage you to take advantage of the video submissions. This is where I can really help!

Safe and respectful community

  • this is a safe learning space for you all
  • please keep the confidentiality of others – what happens in the art of adolescence, stays in the art of adolescence 🙂

You do NOT need to attend live sessions (but it is encouraged).

  • each session will be recorded and links available on this page within 24 hours of the event


Live Links

Lecture – Sunday, June 23 @ 6:30pm

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Video call link:

Q&A – Wednesday, June 26 @ 8:30pm

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Video call link:

Recorded Session Links

Reinforcement Cues

1. Active Cues

Find It Cue Video 

Catch It Cue Video

2. Calm Cues

Scatter Cue Video

Good Cue Video

Goal Setting 

Goal Setting Guide


Week 1 Outline

Goal setting

What does your dog love?


Reinforcement cues

Managing adolescence fear

Have a question?

If you have a question you want discussed live, but can’t make the Wednesday meeting, use the form below to submit your question. I will answer it during the meeting which will be recorded. 

Week 1 

This week we will dive into the adolescent brain and why it is so important to take a proactive approach to this stage of their life.

In lecture, we will be discussing goals, reinforcement cues and how to manage adolescent fear.


  • Introduce yourself in the facebook group!


It’s not just about welfare, it’s well-being!