The Art of adolescence


adolescence is a crucial development period

proactive success

Their brain is under rapid development which means that they are highly susceptible to stress.

Learning and experiences that happen during this time have a lifelong impact on your dog. Learn how to be proactive to set your dog up for success!



What they practice, they get better at! If they practice it enough, it becomes a habit.

Did you know that habits are controlled by a different part of the brain than goal-oriented behaviour? It is hard to break a habit, as you likely know if you have ever tried to break one of your own. 

Learn how to develop the habits you want your dog to have!


Developing a strong relationship with your dog makes reaching your goals significantly easier.

Relationships suffer through adolescence due to normal behaviour that dog guardians find frustrating. I give you tools that help you understand your dog and make living and training your pup fun again!


It is not just about the first couple of months! It is crucial that socialization continues through adolescence to develop a healthy brain.

It is not all created equally and poor socialization can do just as much harm as none at all. Learn how to best support your dog’s developement through socialization tailored just for them.

We often focus on the behaviours we want rather than what our dogs need to be healthy physically and mentally. Switching this focus cultivates an optimistic dog and strong parternship between you and them.


The cool thing?


A lot of  behaviours we want like a strong recall and focus come along for the ride when we prioritize meeting our dog’s individual needs and developing your relationship.

What you will learn

What are your dog's needs and how to meet them.

The key training items to focus on and what that specifically looks like for YOUR dog.

Normal versus abnormal adolescent behaviour and when to get additional help.

Setting realistic goals and making a plan to reach them.

it is more than welfare – It’s well-being

The subtle but significant difference between these two words will make a drastic change in the relationship you have with your dog.

What you get

weekly live webinars

Once a week we meet online for new content and follow up on previous weeks learning.

tailored plan for your dog

This is where the magic happens. Every dog is an individual and everyone has different goals. This course recognizes that and brings a personalized experience for you and your dog.

Support Group

Chat with your classmates and ask questions in a Facebook support group. Get personalized feedback from myself 2 times a day, 5 days a week.

The Details

The course starts June 22nd.


  • Weekly live webinars (Sunday) – recorded for your convenience
  • Weekly live Q&A session (Wednesday)
  • Facebook support group (private group for you and your cohort)
  • Unlimited questions in the group or via email if you prefer
  • Daily video submissions for personalized feedback
  • Limited entry so I have the time to support you all

enjoy a significant discount

As this is the first time running this course. I am offering it at a significantly reduced amount. I don’t have a set price yet for my ongoing class rate, but it will be more than this!

$329 – All in access

registration is live